Clever things you can do with myUSBdrive

Back Up you files to your My USB Drive

myUSBdrive is now ready to be used as a NAS on your local network. You can manually copy/move files or use your favorite backup software. To automate the backup we recommend SyncBackFree from '2BrightSparks'. SyncBackFree

Stream to your Media Player

Example: How to install myUSBdrive as a Source on KODI (18.x)

  • Open Kodi
  • Go back to your Home Screen
  • Select Videos, Music or Pictures
  • Example – “Music”
  • Select Files
  • Select Add music…
  • Select Browse
  • ‘Enter the paths or browse for the media locations’
    • Type the following EXACTLY SMB://mud/usbdrive/
      • Note: You can add exact file locations after ‘/usbdrive/……/…..’
  • Select Done
  • Enter a name for this media source MUD
  • Select OK
  • ‘Do you want to add the media from this source to your library?’
    • Select No or Yes
  • Select MUD and enjoy

Convert your free myUSBdrive into a Cloud Server

This excitting feature is under development and coming soon: For more information and to register to receive a Newsletter update please go to the Upgrade page

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